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Some of Our Features

With Aquila Money there is no need to record your spending in a spreadsheet. Update and view your spending where ever you are on any device using our secure systems
Generate reports showing where and how you are spending your money. Compare your spending against previous months, or track your saving progress against your own custom made goals.

You can then save your report to view again at a later date, or print it out.
Quickly tag your financial transactions with one of our expense tags, or create and assign your own custom tags. Then view spending against each tag with one of our reports.
Our system can be customised to suit your own unique needs. Our custom dashboards allow you to easily see the information that is important to you. Whether it's a quick overview of monthly spending, or detailed lists of recent transactions.

Aquila Money is on a Mission

Our mission is to make personal financial tracking and management quick and simple, by providing you with the tools you need

About Aquila Money

Founded in 2017, Aquila Money has been designed to make managing and tracking personal finances and spending quick and simple.